About Us

Our company is the first STRUCTURED TECHNOLOGY specialist in Italy and one of few in Europe.
We are currently focusing our activities on the Italian market.

For our non Italian contacts and friends below is brief introduction to WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO.

For further information please contact us as indicated below.
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TRACK-RECORD: upon request we will provide copy in English of a transactions summary shown in the PORTAFOGLIO area of this website.

  • TECNOLOGIE STRUTTURATE is Italy’s 1st specialist advisor on this new, emerging asset called STRUCTURED TECHNOLOGY
  • We offer “low-cost integrated solutions ” reducing risks and elevating RoI prospects for investments in the innovation value-chain: “from R&D to innovation to IP to technology to new products”.
  • Our specialist Tools and Strategies are based on dedicated and/or proprietary know-how, AI and Big Data and aim to develop Leading or dominant Technology & IP for our clients, who are both corporates and investors.
  • Our Management has over 10 years of experience in this specialist activity
  • We have generated € 99 Million of added value for our clients
  • Our international network of Partners shows outstanding results in our field, with over $ 8 Billion in transacted technology and IP
  • We develop arguably the most efficient corporate asset, whic allows Mid-Caps, SMEs and even Start-Ups to reach targets and objectives previously accessible and affordable only by Large Corporations.

Example of targets achieved by our Italian clients thanks to Structured Technologies:

  • Increase in “market share” through exclusive, dominant, resilient new products
  • Licensing contracts which accelerated and increased international growth
  • Monetization of Patents and Intellectual Property
  • Increased value of corporate sales pre turnover sales (i.e. Start-Up clients)
  • Acquisition of international tenders and projects not achievable by size and resources without an exclusive and dominant technology portfolio
  • Financial consolidation and strengthening through increased productivity and better resilience of products (i.e. recurring revenues)
  • Evolution from contract agent to independent producer (i.e. major increase of EBITDA)
  • Production Diversification – eg. from declining to emerging or established sector
CEO: Giancarlo Migliori

• Senior investment banker
• Internationally recognized expert in: innovation, competitiveness, IP finance
• In these fields he has cooperated with leading international institutions such as: EPO, WIPO, EU Commission, EU Parliament (K4I agency) and is partner with several leading IP & Technology Finance groups in the USA.
• In Italy he has contributed to the technical preparation of IP and innovation legislation on behalf of the Tuscany Region and MISE (Italian Ministry for Economic Development)
• Author of articles on leading international publications such as IAM (see NEWS area);
• Speaker at many conferences and seminars and Lectures at several Italian universities (list in area PROFILO or in English on LinkedIN)